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Events Widget

A widget is an online tool that can be added to a website that displays or shares information from various sources. The Recovery Month events widget allows users to search for events in their area, so that more people can learn about and attend events in their communities. Features of the widget include:

  • Search: Your website’s visitors can search all Recovery Month events by zip code to find activities occurring near the searched location.
  • Featured event: If there is particular event you would like to promote, you can feature that event rather than provide the option to search for events.
  • Various sizes: You can choose from the tall or wide versions of the widget, based on what will look best on your website.
  • Share: People who use the widget can also share the information with friends and colleagues through a variety of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.
We encourage you to add the widget to your website or blog to help promote Recovery Month events in your community.

If you have questions about adding the Recovery Month widget to your website, please contact us.

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