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Road to Recovery Television Series

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  • February: The Road to Recovery 2007 (Kickoff Show)

    (Premiered: 02/07/2007)
    This Webcast is the first in a series of nine programs in anticipation of the 18th annual National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month), the theme of which is "Join the Voices of Recovery: Saving Lives, Saving Dollars." The Webcast will look back at Recovery Month events across the country in 2006 and set the stage for another successful celebration in September 2007. In addition, The Road to Recovery 2007 will help individuals, organizations, and communities plan and host successful events to raise awareness about the benefits of addiction treatment and recovery.
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  • March: Treatment 101

    (Premiered: 03/07/2007)
    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA's) National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 3.9 million persons in 2005 received some kind of treatment for a problem related to the use of alcohol or illicit drugs. Despite this achievement, an estimated 18.3 million more Americans are in need of treatment. To help meet the needs of individuals, a wide range of treatment services are available to address the problem of addiction and assist individuals in finding recovery. This show will examine the various available treatment methods, including inpatient and outpatient programs, medication-assisted therapies, and support groups for the effected individual as well as for his or her family, friends, and coworkers. The show also will address factors an individual will need to consider when selecting treatment options, and the cost-effectiveness of treatment and recovery services.
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  • April: Alcohol en la Comunidad Latina—Producido en español

    (Premiered: 04/04/2007)
    En 2005, entre las personas de 12 o más años, la tasa de la dependencia o abuso de sustancias entre hispanos fue el 9.3 por ciento, mientras la tasa del excesivo uso de alcohol entre hispanos fue el 23.7 por ciento. Los inmigrantes latinoamericanos y sus familias encaran numerosos retos en el proceso de integración y asimilación en la sociedad norteamericana, que puede contribuir a desórdenes de uso de sustancia. Aparte de los desafíos obvios tales como venciendo las barreras del idioma, asegurando empleos significativos, y manteniendo a sus familias, una gran variedad de diferencias culturales encontradas puede ser bastante estresante y llevar a muchas personas potencialmente a un vicio de alcohol y/o drogas. Este programa examinará, en español, los asuntos que rodean el abuso del alcohol y la dependencia en específico de la comunidad latina en los Estados Unidos, así como proporcionará los recursos donde encontrar la ayuda necesaria.
    English Translation: In 2005, the rate of substance dependence or abuse among Hispanic persons aged 12 and older was 9.3 percent, while the rate of binge alcohol use among Hispanics was 23.7 percent. Latin American immigrants and their families face a number of challenges as they enter and assimilate into North American society, which may contribute to substance use disorders. Aside from obvious challenges such as overcoming language barriers, securing meaningful employment, and providing for their families, a wide range of encountered cultural differences can be quite stressful and can potentially lead to an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. This program will examine, in Spanish, issues surrounding alcohol abuse and dependence specific to the Latino community in the United States, and it will provide resources on where help and assistance can be found.
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  • May: Helping Families Find Recovery

    (Premiered: 05/02/2007)
    Addiction affects not only the individual with a substance use disorder but also his or her family and friends. This leads to feelings that often begin with denial but range from fear and guilt to anger and resentment. Whether it is a spouse dealing with the addiction of his or her spouse, a child coping with the addiction of a parent, or parents worrying about their child's substance use disorder, it is clear that all family members are impacted and deserve help. This show will examine how foster care programs, family drug courts, mutual support groups, community-based organizations, and other services are helping families walk the road to recovery together.
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  • June: The Financial and Medical Benefits of Treatment for Health Care Providers and Insurers

    (Premiered: 06/06/2007)
    There are many avenues for providing and paying for health care in the United States, from the government-funded Medicare and Medicaid programs to privately handled managed care systems such as HMOs and PPOs, among others. This program will examine the insurance and health care benefits and options for individuals seeking treatment or individuals already in recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. In addition, the show will examine the cost benefits to health care providers and insurers of investing in treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders, and will provide tips for screening, diagnosing, treating, or referring a patient with a substance use disorder.
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  • July: Treatment and Recovery: Reducing the Burden on the Justice System and Society

    (Premiered: 07/05/2007)
    In a 2002 report, nearly 1.7 million of the 2 million adult Americans in prison or jail were seriously involved with drugs or alcohol. Luckily, approximately 73 percent of local jails provide drug treatment or recovery programs. Various justice systems provide a variety of services and programs such as individual, family, and juvenile drug courts; jail diversion programs; and counseling services. Even more encouraging, research suggests that treatment can reduce criminal activity by up to 80 percent and reduce arrests by up to 64 percent. This program will look at the relationship between addiction treatment and recovery and the criminal justice system. It will focus on both the practical and economic benefits to society from treating substance abuse and dependence issues surrounding the criminal justice system.
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  • August: Improving the Bottom Line: Supporting Treatment Profits Employers and Employees

    (Premiered: 08/01/2007)
    Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol does not just stay in the home; it often spreads into the workplace, causing decreased performance and lower profitability. In 2002, drug use disorders alone contributed to a loss of productivity amounting to $128.6 billion in the United States. Moreover, because an addicted individual is often quite adept at hiding his or her addiction, employers and even coworkers may not be able to recognize what is causing the individual's decreased productivity at the office. Addiction issues do not just cause problems for the individual's work environment, but his or her family members may be having problems at their workplaces as well. This program will examine issues related to addiction in the workforce such as: how to identify where a problem exists, when to intervene and how, and what can be done. It also will demonstrate how employee assistance programs are beneficial to the addicted individual, their family members, and the company.
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  • September: Investing in Treatment: Policymakers' Positive Impact on Their Community

    (Premiered: 09/05/2007)
    A California study has shown that treatment has a benefit-to-cost ratio of 7:1, meaning that the cost to taxpaying citizens of treating approximately 150,000 people is $209 million, while the benefits from that treatment are worth about $1.5 billion in taxpayer savings. As leaders who can influence and shape policy, civic and elected officials play a crucial role in reducing the toll addiction takes on their communities. Implementing policies that effectively treat substance abuse and dependence leads to increased productivity and profitability in the workplace, as well as decreased costs throughout the criminal justice system and social services system. Therefore, policy implementation lessens the financial burden on taxpayers. This program will look at the role of civic and elected officials in fighting substance abuse and dependence, as well as steps they can take to improve their communities' well-being.
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  • September: Improving Addiction Treatment Services: Taking Action Now

    (Premiered: 09/19/2007)
    Every year, more than 23 million Americans are in need of treatment for a substance abuse disorder, but less than 10 percent of those individuals actually receive treatment. Founded in 2003, the Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment (NIATx) works with addiction treatment and behavioral health care organizations across the country to increase consumer access and engagement in treatment, improve consumer outcomes, and advance addiction treatment as an essential component of the health care system. Over the past year, organizations involved in NIATx have seen a 34.8 percent reduction in wait times, a 33 percent reduction in no-shows, a 21.5 percent increase in admissions, and a 22.3 percent increase in treatment continuation. These successes have been achieved by addressing what treatment providers have identified as a critical need-the need to connect with others in the field. This program will take a closer look at how NIATx generates a continuous flow of ideas through peer networking and inspires and motivates organizations to experiment and test changes in this collaborative approach.
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  • November: Saving Lives, Saving Dollars: A National Showcase of Events

    (Premiered: 11/07/2007)
    In this program, we will look at the tremendous educational and awareness-raising events conducted in communities large and small as the country comes together in celebration of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month (Recovery Month) in September 2007. Individuals, families, and communities across the Nation unite under the theme, "Join the Voices of Recovery: Saving Lives, Saving Dollars." This program will highlight Recovery Month community forums, walks and runs for recovery, Major League Baseball games, music-based activities, and other cost-effective events that showcase how addiction is treatable and recovery is possible.
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