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Recovery Month has a variety of resources and information available on many topics related to addiction, treatment and recovery. Every year, Recovery Month develops resources as part of the Toolkit. Current Toolkit Resources are listed in the first section below. You can also find previous year’s resources, as well as other materials that provide information on mental and substance use disorders, by using the search tool on the bottom section of the page.

In the Toolkit Resources section, you will find:
  • Single-State Agency (SSA) Directory: Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use and Mental Disorders – A list of State offices that can provide local information and guidance about substance use and mental disorders, treatment, and recovery in your community.
  • Planning Partners Directory - A list of organizations that meet regularly throughout the year to plan Recovery Month celebrations. These groups could be potential collaborators or resources as you plan your own activities.
  • Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Resources – An extensive substance use and mental disorder treatment and recovery resource list that covers a wide range of support services.

The Recovery Month Toolkit also has a variety of other resources to assist you with event planning, raising awareness about prevention, treatment, and recovery, and other audience-specific resources.

(Examples of keywords include: prevention, treatment, co-occuring disorders, youth, trauma, recovery, intervention, etc.)

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